Acupuncture for your Emotional Health Wednesday, January 11, 2017 by Editor

Acupuncture can be a great cure for stress.

Just the word itself, has been hammered out over and over, almost becoming a cliché.

The trouble is … when a phrase or word gets repeated too often, we often dismiss it as a being meaningless. This can’t be any further from the truth. Stress comes in many guises and affects the physical body, the mind and the spirit. If a conscious effort is not taken to stop this uncontrollable spiral, we all run the risk of reaching complete burnout.

Research shows Australians' are more stressed

An annual survey commissioned by the Australian Psychological Society which represents more than 21,000 members around Australia examined the stress and wellbeing of working Australian adults.  

Some of their findings included;

  • In 2013, Australians are more stressed than in 2012 and 2011.
  • Most Australians say that stress impacts their lives - particularly their physical health.
  • Significantly more Australians say that stress was affecting their mental health.
  • Finances, family and health issues continued to rank as the top causes of stress for Australians. 

“Thankfully we are not all perfect or we wouldn’t need anyone else! At work, Pareto’s rule says that 20% of what we do is responsible for 80% of our results.” Graeme Cowan

There is nothing inherently wrong with having goals and striving to achieve them. However the drive for perfection can sometimes be overwhelming, leading to physical, emotional and mental harm.

How can Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine help?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) draws a direct connection between stress, anxiety and the liver. The Liver is the organ system occupying the first line of emotional defense for the entire body.

The Liver is our body’s’ first choice in coping with any harmful emotional stimulus, especially if it is chronic. Stress has a direct influence on the nervous system. 

Acupuncture can help combat the root causes of stress, and prevent these symptoms from taking place. If you already suffer from symptoms of stress, then acupuncture can directly help relieve them and regular treatments will keep stress at bay in the future. A combination of relaxation techniques such as yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong or meditation can further improve your wellbeing.

Do any of the following sound familiar? 

Do you have cravings when stressed and want to binge eat? You're not alone. Many people resort to food when feeling stressed and anxious. Some turn to alcohol, sleeping pills or antidepressants. Antidepressants prescribed to reduce stress can deliver only limited, short-term relief and often lead to chemical dependence.

If left untreated, your stress can snowball and lead to; 

Muscle tension (such as in your shoulders, upper back and neck)
Mood swings (like depression, short-tempers, anxiety and irritability)
Headaches and migraines
Digestion and bowel issues
High blood pressure
Teeth grinding and jaw pain
Reduced sex drive.
If you're feeling stressed, book your ACUPUNCTURE TREATMENT TODAY and get on top of your stress the natural way.

Disclaimer: This blog is my own opinion, derived from my working experience, knowledge and education in the industry. I have also sourced inspiration, facts and stats from some great studies, websites and other resources. Some of these links are below:

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