My top tips to get the best from your Acupuncture treatment Friday, February 24, 2017 by Editor

Need some more zen in your life? Try Acupuncture ... it's not as scary as some may think! Many of my patients experience an instant feeling of calm and relief and after the treatment the amazing benefits to your health keep coming... 

My goal is to ensure all my patients feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. I use a special needling technique that requires only minimal needles, in the most effective and specific Acupuncture points. In my style of acupuncture, more needles does not mean better results!

I’ve created a shortlist below of some top tips to get the best of your Acupuncture treatment:

  • My number 1 tip is that you visit ONLY registered acupuncturists. You can check online with the peak body in Australia, AACMA.
  • Relax. A relaxed body and mind receives the treatment with less discomfort and allows for unobstructed circulation of qi.
  • Get a head start by filling out your new patient forms here. When completing the forms try to be as thorough and honest as possible about your history and current state of health. The more detail you can provide, the better I will be able to understand your health condition. Feel free to bring any relevant lab results.
  • Feel the urge? Listen to your body. If you need to use the toilet do so prior to the treatment! A treatment can take up to an hour before completion.
  • Hungry? Acupuncture taps into your body’s natural energy reserves. Make sure there is “fuel in the tank”. To get the most out of your treatment, avoid being too hungry or too full.
  • Avoid alcohol or drugs (even the medicated type) prior to the treatment.
  • Be comfortable and wear loose clothing.
  • You may feel tired after a treatment so take it easy, drink plenty of water, and keep yourself at a comfortable temperature. If you are extremely drowsy you should rest.
I would love to see you in the clinic, so contact me today at Drummoyne to book your Acupuncture treatment and get some Zen back into your life! Bookings can be made online.

Disclaimer: This blog is my own opinion, derived from my working experience, knowledge and education in the industry. I have also sourced inspiration, facts and stats from some great studies, websites and other resources.