Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) are recognised by the World Health Organisation as a highly effective and legitimate form of health care that has been practiced for over 2000 years.

There are many great benefits to Acupuncture that have been tested and proven around the world. 
Some of the major benefits of Acupuncture include:
- a natural form of healing and a drug free pain relief 
- effectively treats a wide range of health concerns 
- treats the underlying cause of disease and illness, as well as the symptoms
- provides a holistic approach to the treatment of your health concern - linking your body, mind and emotions
- assists with the prevention of disease, as well as maintaining your general well-being. 

what conditions can acupuncture treat?

As a natural form of healing, acupuncture can treat a wide range of painful conditions, illness, and chronic diseases. Some of the conditions most commonly treated by Acupuncture include: 

Conditions with strong evidence supporting the effectiveness of acupuncture - reviews with consistent statistically significant positive effects and where authors have recommended the intervention. The quality of evidence is rated as moderate or high quality.

Allergic rhinitis (also known as hay fever)Chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting (with anti-emetics)Chronic low back painHeadache (tension-type and chronic)Knee osteoarthritis Migraine prophylaxis (prevention)Postoperative nausea and vomitingPostoperative pain
Conditions with moderate evidence supporting the effectiveness of acupuncture - reviews reporting all individual RCT's or pooled effects across RCT's as positive, but the reviewers deeming the evidence insufficient to draw firm conclusions. The quality of evidence is rated as moderate or high quality.
Fertility and pregnancy care
Acute lower back pain
Back or pelvic pain during pregnancy
Depression (with antidepressant medication)
Hypertension (with medication)InsomniaIrritable bowel syndromeLabour painLateral elbow painMenopausal hot flushesNeck painPerimenopausal and postmenopausal insomniaPlantar heel painSciaticaShoulder impingement syndrome (early stage - with exercise)Shoulder painSprained ankles and kneesTemporomandibular (TMJ) pain

HOW DOES ACUPUNCTURE WORK? How does acupuncture work? It is traditionally viewed that the insertion of fine, sterile needles into specific points (acupuncture points) stimulates the movement of qi and blood through the energy meridians in your body. A more modern explanation is that acupuncture:
- promotes vasodilation (the expansion of blood vessels therefore promoting the movement of blood.
- modulates the neuroendocrine system (releasing hormones, anti-inflammatories, endorphins and natural pain killers.
- produces new tissue
- reduces swelling in the nervous system

Using these principles, Vaughn will be able to give you a Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis to any ailment you may be suffering from. This diagnosis is then used as the basis for your treatment involving Acupuncture and/or Chinese Herbal Medicine.

 Vaughn is now treating Sydney's inner west community - Vaughn Ryan Acupuncture services the Balmain, Rozelle, Drummoyne, Leichardt, Hunters Hill, Concord, Five Dock, Russell lea and Birchgrove areas.